Extended Play

by Royal Canoe

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Eric Davies
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Eric Davies This EP is the best showcase yet of the abilities of up-and-coming avant-pop hit Royal Canoe. This band masterfully constructs songs that get you grooving (and puts on a great live show, I might add). Favorite track: Bathtubs.
Joshua Wood
Joshua Wood thumbnail
Joshua Wood Love the funky groove in the intro on Bathtubs, and the breakdown in the outro gets me every time. Favorite track: Bathtubs.


Royal Canoe Winnipeg, Manitoba

Royal Canoe have established themselves as musical mad scientists, throwing rock, pop and hip hop into a blender to create catchy-as-hell, dance floor-ready songs with odd time signatures and distorted vocals. Think of them as the child that would result, however inexplicably, if the Beatles, Peter Gabriel, Vampire Weekend, Outkast and Fever Ray had a hymn sing followed by an orgy. ... more


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